macITAD is an IT asset disposal service that collects and purchases Apple computers from anywhere in mainland UK.

macITAD is operated by The Bookyard a Restore plc company, the UK's largest independent Apple service parts supplier and a leading repair provider, refurbisher and second hand Mac dealer. As both an IT Asset Disposer (ITAD) and an Apple parts & product retailer, we are in a unique position to help you recover the maximum value from your end-of-life Apple hardware, whether working or faulty.

We know the Apple market and are experts in Apple hardware, data sanitisation, secure logistics and IT recycling.

Our service

End-to-end, secure Apple asset disposal

Simple & fast quoting

Use our quote template to submit bulk asset lists for quotation. Download now

Secure collection

Collection from your premises by our tracked vehicles & screened drivers. UK mainland only.

Data sanitisation

Closed loop certified secure data erasure or device destruction.

IT recycling & re-use

Repaired, refurbished or stripped for parts, we achieve maximum re-use and responsible recycling.

Why choose us

We have been perfecting our Apple asset disposal facility for years to provide a service that not only meets the major requirements you would expect, but that also offers many other benefits which, while not as essential, make the whole process simpler and smoother.

Why to choose us

The features we offer, and that you quite rightly expect from an ITAD, include GPS tracked, unbranded vehicles and DBS checked drivers for collection, 24/7 CCTV coverage of your assets from unloading to recycling, access to your assets restricted to DBS checked staff, secure, security pass access to a hot zone where all data bearing assets are held until securely erased, secure facility with re-enforced entry protection, intruder alarm and police response, verifiable data sanitisation certificate and full audited tracking of every asset and storage medium from collection to recycling.

Good, clear, regular communication helps prevent mistakes, misunderstandings and concerns. We recognise that by using our service, you are putting a lot of trust in us and so our systems are set up to keep you fully informed of progress at every stage. From our clear asset disposal form through to the final data sanitisation and recycling certificate, we ensure that we have the information we need from you to collect and dispose of your assets efficiently and to your requirements, and that you are never left unsure of what is happening along the way.

The norm in professional IT asset disposal seems to be to either charge for the service or, at best, collect for free. While this is understandable for most used IT assets given the overheads of such an operation, the significantly higher value of Apple computers compared to other PC brands, means that we are able to provide a market leading IT asset disposal service AND pay market leading rates for your end-of-life Apple assets. Disposing of Apple computers along with your other IT assets through a general ITAD service would be like selling a Rolex at a car boot fair; to get the best return, you need to sell through the appropriate channel.

We know you need to get the machines taken away and to get the certificate, but wouldn't it be nice to have the additional comfort of knowing that your end-of-life Apple IT assets were not just 'recycled'. If they are faulty, they may well just be recycled which is great but it's actually the least-best option because recycling involves additional energy to reclaim materials and to re-manufacture new products. What macITAD is aiming for is maximum re-use. Since macITAD is operated by The Bookyard, the largest independent supplier of new and used Apple service parts in the UK, we are in a unique position to provide maximum re-use of machines and parts. We can repair machines in-house for re-sale far cheaper than most facilities, and if they are not economically repairable, we strip them, test and grade every part, and sell these though thebookyard.com web store for the repair of other computers.

Our simple 4-tier system for grading the working condition of each asset makes it easy for us to quote you the maximum value for each machine, and easy for you to know exactly what you will be paid for your assets. You might be surprised to know that we still pay very good money for faulty assets. This is because, unlike other IT asset disposal companies, macITAD is operated by The Bookyard, the largest independent supplier of new and used Apple service parts in the UK, and faulty machines are our source of valuable service spares. It does not matter if you know whether your assets are fully working or not. Our quotes include all four pricing tiers for each machine and the final value paid is based on our exhaustive testing and inspection programme.

Don't accept a lowest common denominator price for your assets; get paid top prices for your fully working machine and good prices for the faulty ones.

I only feel angry when I see waste; When I see people throwing away things we could use.

Mother Teresa

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

Native American Proverb

Get your own quote

To get a rapid quote on your end-of-life Apple assets, you just need to have their serial numbers. Simply download our quote request form (Excel), fill it in and email it back to us. This is imported directly into our automated quote system allowing us to reply with your quote quickly.

If the quote we send is acceptable, we will send you an asset disposal agreement to sign and we do the rest. Simple.

For more in depth details on our asset disposal procedures, including data sanitisation and destruction, view our ITAD Service Level Agreement.
For consumers or small businesses wishing to sell between 1 and 10 computers, visit our instant quote & booking site mac2cash.com.

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